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A Glimpse of My 2021 Office

Curious about how I earn an income? You can find the deets here!!

Me at Work:

A Glimpse of My 2021 Office

None of us need a reminder about the challenges 2020 presented. Let’s mix it up and discuss a positive outcome amidst the world shutdown. 

Sound good?

A Positive Shift

Despite the initial curve ball of the virus, restaurants and fast food places never skipped a beat. Establishments adapted to the challenge by forging ways to accommodate aghast Americans. Because of this the food and beverage industry will never be the same. 

The ripple effect of the  pandemic altered a dramatic yet welcomed change in the workplace dynamic.

After a lucrative (22 year) career in the food and beverage industry, COVID-19 forced me out of employment. And although I empathize with the victims who suffered, on a personal level, I benefited from the pandemic. I feel guilty typing that but tis true..


 Mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. 

2020 was a transformative year for me.

Quick Backstory

I began R.O.E in 2017, six months before turning 39. Once I hit 40, December 2018, I set a goal to resign from the food and beverage industry by age 45. The idealistic dreamer in me imagined earning an income blogging. Which remains a possibility considering I am almost into year three of my five year plan 😉 I am not going to lose hope. COVID-19 put a spin on my plan yet it challenged me to begin the process of transitioning careers. Taken into account my skills, mental health, and age, this isn’t a simple task.

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One Step Closer

Digging deeper into my personal life you will discover the way I earn an income lends itself to an unconventional lifestyle. It isn’t your typical 8-5 Monday through Friday desk job. While it never has been, my work environment changed drastically!!

My vehicle became my cubicle!. graphics

This means everyday is a party!! It doesn’t get any better than controlling the temperature at an arm’s length and listening to music that promotes my best self. It goes without saying the best part of it all … is it’s a solo dolo job.

I’m gonna go ahead and confess. This set-up is as close to my dream job if I ever imagined one.

Wanna check out my view desk?

Good because I snapped a few images! graphic
My 2021 office

Approaching the year mark of unemployment I began pondering employment options. Side note- I will be forever grateful for my extended break. I would like to think it was well-deserved but that feels off- to think that I am deserving 🤔.

Working with the knowledge I possess, I opted to continue with the food and beverage industry, however, from a new angle. I took my tolerance for others into consideration and came to the conclusion that working for a delivery service best eliminated concerns while exceeding my personal needs.!!

The Life of a Delivery Driver😊

working for DoorDash

The perks of my job far exceed the cons. For starters I pick and choose when I work. At any point in a 24 hour day, I can hop on the app and work. If the area isn’t busy it’s possible you won’t be needed. As part of a reward system based on ratings, if you reach Top Dasher status, you can work even when it isn’t busy.

Another perk gives me the liberty to dress myself. There is no dress code to adhere to other than wearing a mask, any mask of your choice. The company does sell branded merch. I spent 11$ and got me a tee-shirt.

The requirements of the job are a background check, your own vehicle, insurance, and drivers license. Once you pass the background check you can start working. Literally within 20 minutes of signing up, I was off delivering. graphics

A few cons are using public restrooms, store employees with attitude, and the wear and tear on my vehicle. I am an independent contractor which means taxes are not taken out of my earnings, therefore, it will behoove me to invest in an accountant. With this being the case, I am able to write off gas purchases, oil changes, tires, wardrobe, phone bill, etc. Basically the tools required to perform my job.

How it Works

Once you pass the background check, you download the app. Setting up your profile is a breeze. Your pay and tips are direct deposited into your bank account once a week. There is an option to receive your pay the day it is made. Its called Fast Pay and cost 2$ per transaction. Since I have been dashing, a third option became available. It is a prepaid Visa. Your earnings are deposited free of charge with 2% cash back rewards on gas.

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I am an Amazon affiliate. Links to products allow me to receive a monetary kick back IF you make a purchase. This is at no additional charge to you. I only link to products that I recommend.

Upon being accepted DoorDash will mail you an activation kit. The kit includes a mask, a red card (swiped at drugstores), hand sanitizer, and a hot bag. I happened to be included in a trial where I was able to dash prior to receiving my kit so the process may look a bit different for you. That should cover the start up stuff.

Dash on Dasher

Next you log into the app. A map pops up with the coverage area you chose when setting everything up. The map highlights the area according to demand. Light red indicates business and dark red signifys very busy. At the bottom of the map screen you press the Dash Now widget if you are ready to work. The app gives a reminder list of items needed so you can deliver without interruption. Tick the boxes and you are ready to rock and roll!

When prompted with an order you have 30 seconds (I believe) to accept or deny it. When an order is offered it displays the mileage to complete the delivery, your base pay from DoorDash, and tip when it applies. The base pay changes depending on distance and a few other factors. If you are in an area where multiple orders can be combined, the app will offer you an additional fee for stacking orders.

And that’s it!! Pretty freak’n simple, huh? It’s the perfect side gig and no complaints with dashing as my only stream of income.

Just a little extra info: advertising in my area claims an hourly rate of $16. I am at the end of my work week with tomorrow off and my hourly rate totals $18 for the 33 hours I have clocked. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Is your job unconventional? Has being a delivery driver ever piqued your interest? Tell me all about in the comments below. Feel free to ask me any questions about DoorDash. If you decide to give it a try, make sure to say I referred you because we will both get a monetary bonus!!


Author: Revenge of Eve

'Eve', the author, discusses issues surrounding mental health. Blogging connects her with other like-minded individuals who share a similar experience. Her humble approach aptly describes her experience as a mom, daughter, sister, and friend who is diagnosed with several mental disorders. She chooses to not allow her co-occurring diagnoses to define her. True to her personality, she creates her own "niche" in the blogging world. Coining her niche "An Unconventional Lifestyle Blog" gives her the freedom to discuss a wide spectrum of topics which culminate to display her multifaceted personality. She elevates her voice using the WordPress platform while she explores avenues to broaden healing, promote growth, and unite with beautiful souls.

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  1. I’m so glad that the job’s a miracle fit for you!! YAY!! That’s really good news!! There’s no better feeling than finding a job where it’s like, “YES! It feels so natural!!” Rock on!!

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