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The Sun is Coming


Spring. Ahhh, Spring.

As Spring approaches we are reminded of life, flowers, and bright sunny days. That is safe to say for the majority of the population, however, Spring is when I am affected by S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). Typically I do not welcome the Spring except this year feels different. I welcome it. I feel it in my bones as necessary. Oddly in part to feeling gloomy, which is off season-wise, and in part to a mundane routine.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the top 100 lifestyle blogs. I did so that I could answer the question, what is a lifestyle blog? for myself. I concluded that the things they had in common were fashion, decorating, cooking, and parenting. Some with their niche added and to set them apart. This made me proud to define myself an unconventional lifestyle blog. Why? Well because lifestyle blogs discuss life’s surface-level things whereas I discuss more intimate aspects like mental health, well-being, and personal growth. More interpersonal things.

I am not falling back into comparison. No worries. But what I am trying to do is define my why. Why do I blog? What drives me to continue? What steps can I take to expand? Are my motives selfish? What is my definition of successful concerning blogging? Can I attain such standard of success? How do I get there? With so many questions and so few answers I started there with defining why I consider myself to be an unconventional lifestyle blog. I am happy to arrive there without getting stuck in comparison.

I am determined to do something and blogging plays an integral part yet I don’t know why or how much. I want to offer services. What type? I kinda have an idea but that will be revealed to my subscribers before here on the blog. So subscribe why don’t ya?!?!

Concerning communicating via email, Mailchimp was not able to give me access to my other account despite me having all of the information needed to gain access because of 2-factor authorization. Never again will I use that security measure and honestly, I am debating on switching from Mailchimp to Mailer Lite. No worries, if you subscribe, I will transfer you if I make the switch.

Other than that, I am dry creatively. I can’t think of things to write about. I don’t have the patience to craft. All I do is read and scroll. I enjoy the reading part, the scrolling, not so much. I haven’t been presented with any new life lessons. I must say this is a first. At best my life has always been chaotic. Or I have been. There has always been a buzz around or with me and since I got on this new medication, Abilify, none of that is the case. I get an injection once a month and while I do enjoy the peace, I miss my spunk. Unfortunately, that is accompanied by anger and anxiety so the trade-off may not be worth stopping the medication. Plus my boyfriend may kick me out if I do 😂 He enjoys calm Candace. I on the other hand am bored. Bored with it all.


Author: Revenge of Eve

'Eve', the author, discusses issues surrounding mental health. Blogging connects her with other like-minded individuals who share a similar experience. Her humble approach aptly describes her experience as a mom, daughter, sister, and friend who is diagnosed with several mental disorders. She chooses to not allow her co-occurring diagnoses to define her. True to her personality, she creates her own "niche" in the blogging world. Coining her niche "An Unconventional Lifestyle Blog" gives her the freedom to discuss a wide spectrum of topics which culminate to display her multifaceted personality. She elevates her voice using the WordPress platform while she explores avenues to broaden healing, promote growth, and unite with beautiful souls.

5 thoughts on “The Sun is Coming”

  1. Hi! I hope the first signs of Spring will bring you more joy than trouble. Maybe there is a chance for a different drive occurring from the calmness than from chaos. I’ve been taking Abilify for almost twenty years. I’ve had no relapse for the time I maintained it and took it correctly. In my case, I’m speaking of psychoses. But I also understand when you miss the creativity that stems from the chaos. It’s not easy, but also consider the advantages of more stable social relationships. Such as not being kicked out by your boyfriend 🙂

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    1. It will take some time to adjust. That’s great news, having no relapse. I am new to the medication and have no complaints really. Just an adjustment period. I do miss my creativity though. Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. 🤓

      Liked by 2 people

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