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Truck’n Along


I am happy to report a more positive mindset. That is part of depression lessening and part of medication reaching its shelf life in my system. I am about 20 days free from the antipsychotic I was taking.

I have actual feelings. I mean, I feel things in my gut and when I am medicated, that tingle isn’t there. I’ve had two restless nights, my appetite has decreased (common for me), and I haven’t felt irritable. All good signs. I am paying attention to my tolerance levels. How well I tolerate “life” is a good indicator of my stability.


Not too long ago I mentioned making a journal for a co-worker. I said I would take photos but I didn’t. Damn laziness. Well, the receiver of the journal has commissioned me to make two for her daughters. She will gift them at Christmas. The two are close in age and are pre-teen (12ish). Lucky me I have some covers and signatures already sized for one another. All that they require is binding and embellishments. I am pleased with the content of the pages for a teen journal. There is plenty of room that encourages writing. Most, if not all, of the pages have ruling on them and are bright white. My design theory says that teens aren’t so into vintage so the white paper is perfect! (I could be wrong) I’ve chosen a solid color to decorate with throughout each journal. One seafoam green and the other purple.

A girls face mixed media project
Mixed media journal page by me

Idol Time

During my downtime, I have taken to YouTube. Would you consider that social media? Just curious. I feel it is more of an instructional platform but that’s neither here nor there. I mention this because I stumbled upon a DIYer who has like 77k subscribers – that’s a lot – and aside from her videos I looked at her comment section. One video had over 200 comments and she liked like the first 3-5 comments and did not reply to one. This irks me enough to be here discussing it. First of all why even have the comment section available if you aren’t going to chat with your fans? They are obviously fans or they wouldn’t be subscribed. Amiright? Second of all how does someone have that many followers when they do not engage with the community?

I don’t subscribe to just anyone’s account. I am particular. But I accidentally hit the subscribe button while on her channel. I immediately unsubscribed because I hadn’t seen enough of her channel. That’s when I ventured into the comment section and saw her lack of engagement. Just from that alone, I will not subscribe to her channel. And it’s sad because she had some decent content, at least that’s what I saw from watching three of her videos. I know my follow doesn’t make or break her. She is established and kudos to her but how? From content alone? Am I expecting too much from a stranger who offers inspiration in the DIY community?

I’ll be honest, I just think it’s rude as hell to not at least like a complimentary comment. I mean, every comment left encouraged her to keep creating, continue doing what she does, etc… All positive, confidence-boosting love and nothing. No response from her. Like, how dare her. How? Why? 🤔 I literally stopped what I was doing to add this to this post. I wanted to put it in her comment section but I thought what’s the point? Seeing this infuriates me and yet it’s none of my business.

What I can do is come to the platform I use and express my gratitude to those of you who care to read what I have to say. No, I don’t offer step-by-step instructions on how to do something. Hell, I don’t even share science-backed information. I’m just a woman sharing her story and perspective of the world. The most important aspect of sharing is acknowledging the audience who encourages me, supports me, and interacts with me. That’s the least I can do. So with all that said, thank you to each of you who read, comment, or like. I will always keep the mindset of y’alls importance to my space. I appreciate the time you borrow from your day to read what I have to say.

Creative Fun

Moving on. I am determined to learn to draw a face (seen above). I have been practicing different styles of noses, eyes, and lips. I haven’t quite got the hair down yet or the ears but those will come in due time. Here are a few sketches I’ve done. I am obsessed with drawing them 😂

Not too shabby for a beginner if I do say so myself. Progress, not perfection. I am teaching myself highlight and contour via make-up tutorials on Pinterest. Really I am just using the images of a few pins to guide me. I’ve done a little shading but I am not familiar enough to shade a face using a pencil. I will, however, use vibrant oil pastels, using light and dark variations of the same color. You can see that in the first photo. I am super proud of her. I like her.

Well, that’s about it for me. How ‘bout you? Don’t forget to share your opinion about the YouTube hoopla. Am I being over-dramatic?


Author: Revenge of Eve

'Eve', the author, discusses issues surrounding mental health. Blogging connects her with other like-minded individuals who share a similar experience. Her humble approach aptly describes her experience as a mom, daughter, sister, and friend who is diagnosed with several mental disorders. She chooses to not allow her co-occurring diagnoses to define her. True to her personality, she creates her own "niche" in the blogging world. Coining her niche "An Unconventional Lifestyle Blog" gives her the freedom to discuss a wide spectrum of topics which culminate to display her multifaceted personality. She elevates her voice using the WordPress platform while she explores avenues to broaden healing, promote growth, and unite with beautiful souls.

16 thoughts on “Truck’n Along”

  1. Yeah, I agree with Ashley. That’s what happens if the ego gets too big. But does she really have that many followers? It could be a fake stat that she paid for. That number of followers sounds like a burden to me but if you don’t talk to your fans you lose them. You’re not being too dramatic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great artwork!! My fave is the first one with the pretty colors! ❤

    Yeah, YouTube is weird! Is it social media? A really weird good question. I agree that comments should be replied to! Like on FB, I thank whoever wishes me a happy birthday. It just seems polite!! Huh.

    I hope we both have great weeks!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have begun watching UTube, certain things that inspire me more. I didn’t take to it as a medium for a long time, perhaps now I don’t really have an interest in social media, it fills a gap. Not sure. I don’t consider it social media though because I don’t follow anyone I personally know there I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Super cute journal and faces 😍😍

    As for the YouTube thing- I guess it counts as social media. But it’s the only platform i know of where you can grow a big audience without much engagement. I kind of like that about it. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and comment on some when i feel moved to. I never expect a reply and usually don’t get one. Some creators engage, but usually only the ones with smaller followings, or those that truly enjoy connecting with their audience.
    Personally, I have mixed feelings about comments in general. I’ve written some controversial pieces for large publications that allow comments. Reading them made me feel shitty, and i still feel vulnerable when I publish certain pieces, even with my small audience here. I much prefer people email me with their thoughts and feedback if they so desire. I’d rather respond to that than have a public conversation anyone can read, and that will preserve my reaction forever.
    I also just read a disturbing article about something called audience capture, in which creators become less authentic over time as they tailor content to their audience. Eventually, the creator loses their own identity and becomes a slave to the persona their fans expect.
    I totally understand how frustrating it can be to feel ignored when you just want to show support to an artist you felt moved by. Just playing devil’s advocate here. Maybe there’s a reason these youtubers keep boundaries around their comments?
    Anyway, enough from me 🫢
    I’m proud of you for getting commissioned to make these beautiful journals 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great artwork!

    I watch YouTube but I never comment but I don’t think I would expect a creator to engage with their commenters much.

    I hope that you are continuing to do well depression and medication wise

    Liked by 1 person

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