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Whoomp Whoop

Let’s try this again!!

I don’t speak of love eloquently.

I deleted my I’m baccck post because… well, it sucked! It lacked personality and hinted only slightly to the love I have discovered or rather unearthed.

My apologies for publishing such a garbage post. I was inspired yet without words.

Yay!! Hooray!!! This is me 🤓

About love, oh yeah! I’ve found the love I was needing to receive. That love only comes from within, intensifying any additional love given freely. I have undergone a radical transformation. Yes, I am still human bearing mistakes and suffering embarrassment. No one gets away unscathed.

Throughout my life story, I see decisions made that didn’t have my best interest at heart. Decisions made by me. Those days expand across a 42-year long self-loathing war and those days are gone!!

The title whoomp whoop

Good ridden to the days I question my worth. Goodbye to the hours anxious in fear. And most importantly, toot-a-loo morbidity. Today I consider myself free. Free from the opinion of others. Free to live a modest life. Free to be me.

I forgive myself for what I did or didn’t do when I was a child. I accept that I am prone to elevated mood swings and they do not define me. I am gentle with myself and the areas that need improving. I am open to receive!! I am happy to report a recent second anniversary, my boyfriend Nate and I. I touched on that briefly in my barf post, published last week 🤢

I will bring this update/remix to a close. Stay tuned for a future post describing my first-hand experience of going tech-free. It’s a doozy!

My sincerest apologies to those of you who said hello on the deleted post. Wanna do the most? Say ‘ello again and let’s toast!!

Cheers to mistakes, opportunities, and vulnerable hearts!!


A Common Interest

Blog, Blah, Blog, Blah, Blog

Let’s chat about a little something, something that we are all interested in. You may have guessed it by the title. Hopefully, you sang it too 😉. 


A few weeks ago I made the decision to start blogging again. This is following a year hiatus. It excites me to be back but I find myself experiencing the same dilemma I faced when I first began blogging in 2017.

What do I write about? What do I have to offer readers? What do I know a lot about? Does my writing add value?

I am not having writer’s block. I aim to present engaging material. I came to the conclusion that if I keep the idea of engagement in the forefront of my mind while brainstorming topics, it will propel my thinking engine. To my surprise, this approach is working. It is guiding my ideas without effort. This technique is establishing topics I am excited to publish. I feel a momentum that I didn’t previously feel. It is a nice change.

From the beginning of my blogging career, I use that term loosely, I put insurmountable pressure on myself to achieve outrageous tasks. I set time restraints that were near impossible. Sure someone else may be capable of attaining the success I sought, and perhaps I can, eventually. Success comes in different forms. Now that I have had a change in perspective I find it much easier to find joy in what I enjoy doing; writing. Before I was beating a dead horse. All I did was plan, fail, and complain. That is no fun for anyone. 

Set a Standard

In 2019, I created my own niche. The reason being is to afford me a variety of topics to choose from. After having done so, I made the mistake of trying to remain in a box. Silly, right.? That is no longer the case. With my change in perspective, I am sticking to my bold decision to set a standard and create my own niche. I am writing about life and the things that interest me and it is my hope that I am able to engage my readers. I do not have one set of skills that I feel comfortable enough in assisting others in except bartending. I am great at the skill of it, writing about it, not so much. Plus, I’d rather put encouraging, hopeful words out into the universe instead of recipes for disaster. Ya, feel me?

With my newfound perspective, and personal growth comes a more forgiving version of myself. My attitude about life and blogging is changing. I am a work in progress but I have evolved since I last made the commitment to blog. My outlook on life is much brighter and I strive daily to be gentle. A lot occurred during my absence. Many positive things and all things that taught me about who I am. It is my hope that my newness shines through in my blogging. I invite each of you to join me in shifting your perspective to a more forgiving, gentle view of oneself. I am willing to bet you’ll notice a world of difference in how you approach life and blogging.

Have you had a recent shift in perspective? What is your approach to blogging?

Let’s get the conversation started in the comment section and keep it going in our lives. 

The world needs more positivity and forgiveness. Who better to spread it than us?