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My Process of Sorting

Tying up new year loose ends. Trash or Stash?

Trash or Stash?

I’ve mentioned unpacking my studio and part of this process is deciding whether to trash or stash. I have done exceptionally well. No, seriously. I have, however, down to my last boxes I am at the point of leaving things boxed and stashing away to deal with later. The only problem with this is that I want my new year to start fresh. Purposefully sorted. Done away with. I have given myself until Monday evening to be sorted and ready. Today is Friday. I am hopeful because of my progress yet over it. This can go one of two ways. I either say eff it and trash most of it or I organize it into my already packed full studio. Fingers crossed it is the former.

The thing I am finding are my doodles, journals, and notebooks. How many can one have??? No matter the answer, I have too many.

Last year I purchased a cubby cubicle from Amazon. I love it. It is frosted white with 9 cubbies. I bought fabric labeled boxes, with a lid, around the same time. I bought 4 white and 4 black. They conveniently fit in the individual cubby’s. The organization of this is to die for not to mention the aesthetic!

Images Description

Wall #1 (below) is the largest area I have for storing materials. This beginning photo has two storage containers with drawers stacked on top of two flat storage containers (far right). I end up moving the top two containers to my desk wall. Pictured next is the desk wall. Or should I call it my desk corner? Hmmm 🤔

Revenge of Eve

In photo number 2 (below) you’ll see more drawer storage containers stacked. This ensures every inch of space is taken advantage of. Stacking vertical I’ve found is the best way to utilize space so … I stack. And stack 😂 You can’t really see it from this photo but the dark space behind the desk is my grey, leather craft couch. I need to remove it because I get stuck sitting instead of crafting. I removed the stool from my room and put it under our bar that separates the living and kitchen space.

Revenge of Eve

Next to the couch is a rolling cart with five drawers inside it. This houses the tools I use the most. It has wheels if I need to take it to a different room but it stays put for the most part. Next to the rolling cart are two crates, then two stacked containers with drawers, and a stack of shelves decor piece. This wall is the closet wall with the entrance after the stack of shelves.

In photo 3 (below), the window wall, I pulled out my fabric storage solution which is a shoe rack turned fabric display. I keep this stored in the closet but it is my favorite recycled project. To the far left (near the closet entrance) of the window there is a vintage mailer. It has different sized slots meant for incoming or outgoing mail. A friend of mine gifted me this piece and I absolutely love it although it doesn’t necessarily fit my black and white aesthetic. Hanging in the left corner of the window is a hanger full of scrap lace. I use my artwork as a curtain to allow natural light through the cracks. I will soon be hanging more lighting.

Revenge of Eve

In between my nifty fabric display rack and the mailer is another rolling cart. This one has two pull out wire drawers that are as wide and long as the cart itself. This makes good for all the larger papers in my stash although they haven’t made it there yet. It’s a process folks, a process.

I finished one wall. The final photo is the finished product of Wall #1.

Revenge of Eve

I like recycling. I use milk crates I’ve found loose in vacant yards. They were covered in leaves but I saw the tips of a few so I grabbed them and rinsed them off. Whalah! Stackable storage solution. Then I purchased a few things. Acrylic floating shelves add dimension to my walls until I can add further shelving.

My desk wall will soon feature an acrylic wall system (Russell+Hazel) care of Mister ☺️ I already got my inbox and stapler for my birthday. The rest will be Christmas! I am so excited.

I will post an update Monday evening to see if I accomplished my task in the time frame allotted. Mister has a short list of things to hang and there remain a few boxes for me to sort. I believe I can tackle it. Look out for the finale post 😍 that’ll be featured once my wall system is hanging.

Are you tying up any loose ends before the new year? What’s that look like for you?

Revenge of Eve Candace Lynne signature

A New Rainy Day

Today has started

Today I have woke in a significantly better space. My sleep was a bit restless as I tossed and turned. An idea came to mind about creating a canvass and that idea kept me thinking about my own experience. Not an experience that I wanted to keep me awake, I will say that. One of being molested at the age of fourteen. I was a willing participant in the act but I can’t help but to think of how sick the 32 year old man was/is. Although I was willing how can a man for one minute believe that a fourteen year old knows what she is doing when it comes to sex and the activities that it involves. It is disturbing to say the least. Disturbing that I thought it was cool that a man of his age would want anything to do with a young teen and more disgusting that he did.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever disclosed this information but the weight of it felt extremely heavy last night and so, I decided if I hadn’t wrote about it, I would. The man is my step-uncles twin brother. Gross, right? I will not allow this to consume my thoughts today but I will tell y’all the idea I had. In the world of creative journaling, tabs are a big deal. Tabs? You ask. The tabs that stick out to make it easier to find a specific section, rather the tabs I reference are for decoration purposes.

These tabs can be made of sturdy cardstock, cardboard, fabric, anything you can staple to the side of the paper to make it easier to access a specific page. Well, for one reason or another, I thought it would a neat idea to have those who have been molested, willing or not, make a tab that represents the act they wish to forget. The tabs would be mailed to me and I will staple them to a thin canvass, creating a piece of art that collectively has been created from victims across the globe. Once the canvass is full, it could be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds to victims of molestation. Let me know what you think of this idea. I will provide photos of what I mean when I say a tab, below.

Revenge of Eve

This isn’t to distract from me as much as it is to get out of pity. Let me know what you think of the idea. If it so happens you experienced such acts more than once, make tabs for each occasion. The tabs do not have to be pretty. They can be torn, wrinkled, ink-stained, whatever your idea is, I support. If there is an interest, we can do this together. I’m sure I could scan an outline of a tab for those who would prefer there to be a guide. If you wanted to write your abusers initials on the tab, do so. My hope is that this will help with letting the act(s) go.

Revenge of Eve

**Post update: I will purchase a post office box soon and will publish a post with the address for those interested. This can be an anonymous participation. I will not attach any personal information to the piece of canvass related to the tabs.

Sad but True: R.O.E. News

Is R.O.E. worth saving?

Updated 4.5.2019 – Thank you, Ashley, for your donation of $10 and for helping me figure it out. This problem has been solved ❤

Due to recent events, I am saddened to say that I cannot afford to pay the up-coming annual fee that allows me to operate Revenge of Eve.

Revenge of Eve

The annual fee of $97.00 is due no later than April 25th.

Because of a recent backslide in my mental health, I was forced to take a week off from work. There are no paid days off for those of us who work as service workers in the restaurant industry. On top of that, the hourly rate at which we are paid – $2.13, doesn’t compensate for any lost time acquired. Basically, I sell my personality in order to provide an income for my daughter and myself. When I am experiencing a mental episode I am unable to pretend that it does not exist. The timing in which this episode occurred couldn’t have come at a worse time; site renewal month.

As it stands, I owe $300.00 for March’s bills which I aim to pay, plus late fees, this week along with my car insurance and storage unit bills. This totals $575.00, not including late fees.

My living situation will also change in the upcoming two months. My daughter and I will get a small space of our own. April has always been the hardest month of the year for myself mentally for various reasons. I was hoping to change that this year but so far, yes only one day in, it isn’t looking so good. But I will say this… I am grateful to have a job, a roof over my head for the time being, and the ability to stay connected using my newsletter.

If you find it possible to donate, all donations will go to keep this site afloat.

Revenge of Eve

Keep R.O.E. Alive

All donations will go to the operations of the site, Revenge of Eve.


If you wish to donate more than $5, you can do so by opting to purchase multiples by changing the number in the box allocated. This will be done in $5 increments ( number in box: 4=$20 example).

Paper packs will be available in two sizes and will include vintage papers, vintage ads, designer paper, cardstock and embellishments. No two packs will be the same. Want a custom theme pack? Chat with me to see if I have what you want!

Finding the silver lining in this situation, I will not lose the domain because it was purchased later than the plan. Please keep an eye out for postings that will offer paper product packages that can be used in your journals for creating beautiful pages or for use in your art journal projects. Because I currently do not have a store for such sales, purchasing a paper package will require you to send me your mailing address via email once payment is processed.

Shipping costs will be calculated into the price of each paper pack except for international shipping. Dependent on international shipping fees, it may not be worth it for you the consumer. Waiting until I have the store up and running may be your best bet for purchasing my products. Also, the prices reflected here are not necessarily the prices of my products in the future. Custom package prices differ.

I will do everything possible to keep things going here on Revenge of Eve. Blogging has been my saving grace and I fear that if it goes, so will I.

Revenge of Eve