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Some 2022 Artwork

2022 Artwork

As you may know, I am an avid journaler. About three years ago I set out to discover my artistic style. While I haven’t exactly uncovered what mine is, I did reveal my love for all things paper. Being a writer I focused part of this time on changing my writing style to foster a more hopeful, encouraging style of documenting. I also came across art journaling and junk journals along with many others like glue books.

My initial vision toyed with selling handmade journals but that idea killed any creativity I had. I removed that option and dedicated myself to making things that showcase the papers of life that I collect in a years time. This can also include papers I’ve bought or sourced from estate sales, antique shops, or off shoot pieces I’ve been given.

My current work in progress is a handmade glue book with the theme women and flowers. It will house my admiration for women and flowers as well as my creative explorations including women and flowers. I’m quite stoked about this project. And I thought I could share my progress. I hope you enjoy.

Cover page Ace 22
The cover
Page 1 and 2 spread vintage magazine cutouts of women and Marilyn Monroe Happy New Year banner
Page 1 and 2

I include journaling on inserts of paper. In the photo above the yellow ticket has journaling on the back of it. This discloses my new job details and holiday happenings. It is simply tucked into the left edge of the first page.

A woman doing a yoga type pose with an encyclopedia page detailing the leaves and bark of trees with an interactive flap
Images here include magazine, a vintage year book, and an encyclopedia book page with an interactive flap.
A flat lay of pages 5 and 6 showcasing a pocket made from a botanist journal featuring a vintage photograph from 1937 as well as personal journaling notes
Up close photo of the pocket I created
A pocket holding a vintage photo from 1937 and journaling. The pocket is from a journal dedicated to the discovery of plants/flowers.
A Victorian die cut of a young lady collaged on top of a vintage water bill receipt and vintage drawing paper
A Victorian die cut of a young lady collaged on top of an old water bill receipt on vintage drawing paper
An up close photo of the collage featuring gold and acrylic scissors

Let me know if you enjoy these creative showcases. If you do, I can share more photos more often.


Show and Tell

A peek of some of my favorite things!

Expanding R.O.E.’s Vision

All too often I am critical of myself. I understand many of us to share this restricting, less than desirable quality but during my transformation, I decided no more! Perfect I am not, not to mention the awareness it takes to break an old pattern. Anywho. This pesky pattern resurfaced in all its glory.


Thanks for asking.

I’ll tell you how.


About a year following R.O.E.’s debut 😂, I declared her an unconventional lifestyle blog. I did so for two reasons: 1. To discuss mental health openly 2. To offer me a wide net to cast as far as discussion topics go.

Wait a sec, maybe 3 reasons why

3. To be different.

Well, once again I found myself steering away from topics I enjoy. I for one LOVE jewelry. More specifically, accessories. So instead of shying away from a topic because it is common, I’m gonna share with y’all how I accessorize!

1. Rings

Considering my personal preferences, my style is defined as simple and delicate. I like solid but thin bands, however, I wear one thicker band. I don’t like gaudy and flashy stones. I never take my jewelry off so the quality has to be top quality. My rings must withstand banging, clicking, and misshapen. All of my bands form to the wear of my hands. What was once perfect circles are now bent and more of an oval shape. I wear a mix of gold, white gold, and silver. Throw a few mini diamonds and ceramic in and you have the material of my five-ring collection.

If including my toe ring, I have a six-ring collection. I wear it on my right index toe. It is a double white gold, thin band. I never remove it either. I shower, work, play, and sleep in my jewelry. I wear one necklace my daughter got me for Christmas last year. It’s a Kendra Scott mother of pearl stone.

My hands

2. Purses

I am fairly particular when choosing a purse. I prefer two small handles over a strap. The opposite was true until about 3 years ago. The one purse to sway my prerogative was a runway purse I snagged about three years ago. It is a muted purple and black bowling ball-style purse with gold hardware. I still own it today and it hails as my all-time favorite, ever!

My current purse

Typically, I choose a purse with lots of pockets. The purse I carry now doesn’t offer many pockets. In fact, it only has one but because the purse is small for my liking, the one suffices. The colors are earth tones of cream and pink. Girl Other (my sister) donated it to me when I was living with her. It’s a Louis Vuitton label, medium size with two handles. It has a fancy inscription on the bottom of it of the maker’s name.

3. Sunglasses

I wear prescription glasses but I also collect sunglasses. Right now my collection is low and a bit more on the older side than I prefer but pst… I can’t complain.

4. Analog System

If you’ve been around for any length of time you know I am obsessed in love with stationery. Like. In. Love!! Since that is the case, I have a separate bag I tote my analog stack in. I am working now on 2022’s stack (the term for a paper lovers collection) but 2021’s stack will be hard to compete with.

I carry a mini Louis Vuitton backpack, again courtesy of Girl Other, with a Russell & Hazell vegan leather daily planner, a faux leather journal boasting Tomoe River paper from Galen Leather Co., and my Prima Marketing Inc. standard size, black leather, travelers journal. 😍 just typing all of those things left me starry-eyed!! 😆

I 🖤 Black!!!

Already 2022’s lineup is black and gold so it’s a possible competitor to this year!!


There ya have it! A few of my favorite accessories. I suppose this post will fit the lifestyle category of my unconventional lifestyle blog!

I am curious, do you enjoy these types of posts? Do you share more personal types of posts or do you keep your personal life separate from your blog? Or are you like me and share a mix? What are your favorite accessories?

Let’s chat in the comments!

Me, Mentally: An Artwork Series

Me, Mentally is an artwork series sharing creations made by yours truly!

OCD, again

Hey, Hi, Hooooo!! Whaddup, y’all?

In an attempt to overcome my fear of inadequacy, I have begun Me, Mentally, an art series that describes parts of my illnesses that I may be learning to accept, come to terms with, cope…explore.

If you know what’s going on around here, lmk 😉!!

Me, Mentally artwork series
Me, Mentally


When I sat down to create this piece I gave myself permission to use red in a way that accentuates a female.When I create or brainstorm creative ideas, they are generally fashionista inspired. I am an undercover fashion designer but I have settled for a trend setter…meh. It is no secret, Revenge of Eve is the mastermind of an empowered, lost woman.

Personal insight: growing up we were raised to believe that when a woman wears red it connotates that she is a whore. No, shit. I am for real and guess who’s favorite color is red?? One guess. Yup, mine.

We were not allowed to wear red nail polish. Red lipstick…pst get outta here with that, although, I got away with it wearing performance make up for dance (and painted my toenails 😂 I’ve always been a rebel)!

When I enrolled in my second year of college, I wrote a paper on how color is used to represent certain types of people, further supporting my father’s conformity. Color misrepresentation is more common than some realize and for some reason, my quirky brain picked up on this…and obsesses over it.

Me, Mentally artwork series
Me, Mentally

Red and blue are two colors I would never pair. I don’t know if it is because it’s patriotic or what but the colors are not two that I particularly care for. So I did it. I pushed past – what may sound ridiculous – barriers. And guess what?!?!? I LOVE IT!

Me, Mentally artwork series
Me, Mentally

The backdrop is a vintage photo casing. Back in my day…😂😂😂 you would order family photos through a photographer who used hideous carpet and wallpaper to enhance the experience…and charged an arm and leg for the service. This is an 8×10 cover that adorned your order, framing a photo. I will soon add papers to it and make it a notebook/scrapbook/junk journal.

Pushing through fears

It may sound ridiculous to some of you – the wiring of my brain – believe me, I question it too. But when I create, I don’t. I just do and if I am honest, it comes together into something I’ve grown fond of; my style. **I hope to soon have my first series of journals for sale. There will be 12 available. The series is a complete set with the 13th journal in which I will keep. It has been in the process of being made over the course of six months. I cannot wait to present them to you all ready for shipping 🙂

Oh, one more thang…

I’ve hinted toward the possibility of me having a secret and today I am excited to share that, I, have a boyfriend!! 🙂 It’s been scary but he has made the most of helping me through this transition period from single to in a relationship status. I don’t social media as many of you may know so I figured I could drop a few more personal bombs to keep my voice as human as possible.


Me, Mentally artwork series
Me and my Boyfriend 😍

What does this mean?

The one idea that keeps me drawn to Nate is his persistence that I create. He supports my healing and encourages communication. Yeah, I said that. He is kinda big deal and I haven’t been the easiest – I’m sure that surprises many of you 😉 but…I am learning some extremely ugly truths about myself but I am accepting them for what they are. Having survived a psychologically abusive home, a physically abusive and substance-abusing environment throughout my adulthood, I decided to cut my losses with the attachments I held with these toxic cycles.

My resistance is weakening and my mental capacity is expanding. It is expanding for growth, for wellness, and for non-biased opinions. Cheers to letting my freak flag fly!😂😂😂😂 no, but seriously, I am learning to fit into someone else life whereas it’s been the opposite experience for me. He has cleared out drawer space, a whole room for my creating space, closet and cabinet space…his home; to accommodate me and my presence. Yes, I am in the process of moving into his home. Eek!!Signature

Not that it is necessary but I will calm any fears any of you may be screaming. We have been together for almost three months. No, not extremely long but I have battled the decision to take this leap and live with him and I decided it is a must for him, me, and us as a couple.

Coming Clean

Creative and Collective-Revenge of Eve

In June of 2018, I decided I would explore my creative side. I have since continued practicing my skills. During these 6 months, my style has shown through as what I would describe as vintage infused with modern art. The age factor is something I am drawn to in collectible items but it is the crisp, boldness of modern-like photography that catches my eye.

Creative & Collective will be where I discuss my creative journey, share pictures of my art, and provide videos with my antique shopping hauls. Since I also collect notebooks and stationery, those topics will fall under this category as well.

My Style

When I use the word modern I am not specifically talking about today’s modern. I am talking about modern of any time period. Each generation is known for trendy designs, patterns, and colors but all to often we forget that during those trends there are also pieces of art considered modern. I do not necessarily pair the two, time frame with trend and modern, as much as I…. just pair the two.

I tend to favor style with clean, crisp lines but with fashion I like flair. An easier way of explaining could be that in design I like the precise, defined look whereas in fashion I prefer the runway style. We can all agree that what is worn on the catwalk is not worn on the streets. Combining the two creates interest for the eye.

It can create friction choosing to mesh the two opposite ends of the spectrum but I feel I do so in a fluid way. It appeals to the softened and busy eye. It is my appreciation for detail that I have come to realize sets me apart from others. It takes risk and charisma to pull it off. Two qualities I possess.

Bold and Subdued

Black and white is my favorite go to. That is shown on my website. Adding a pop of color enhances the crispness of it. I love the color. My favorite being red but something you will find is I rarely use or wear red. I prefer to use purple which is opposite on the color wheel but the two can be beautifully paired together.

Growing up one thing I clearly remember is liking red opposed to pink.  It was pointed out to me that red was a “boy” color. From that day forward I would say that purple was my favorite so not to be put into the boy category. Well, guess what? Red is my favorite color and I am not ashamed to say it!

In high school, my Ma and I redid my room. Tearing down the pink wallpaper to replace it with white paint. My curtains were black to match my comforter with white polka dots and then we used red accents. I LOVED it!

Fashion Sense

As far as my fashion sense goes I would classify it as… My own. I am not a girly girl and never have been. My fashion sense is along the lines of stylish and comfortable.

Dressing up as far as a dress and heels go is rare but I clean up nice. I prefer skinny jeans with an oversized top that hangs off the shoulder, boots with a heel, chunky heel, not stiletto and my hair in a low hanging ponytail.  But most days are casual days after my work uniform comes off because let’s face it, most of us are in our work clothes more than the ones we want to be in.

Here begin my collectives, in a fashion sense.  I absolutely love glasses and purses, simple, dainty jewelry and stationery.  Stationery? Yes, I see the stationery I love as an accessory as well as functional.  Teehee.  The accessories I chose are feminine, girly, flashy, glittery, over the top and bows… Don’t even get me started!!  The bigger.  The better. Me! 

My Swag

It is funny because I am a little gangsta girl #504boys #weezy #ugk  I listen to Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, The Weekend, Tigga, Erykah Badu, Lenny Kravitz…  I appreciate rap music, I relate to a lot of it.  I have 2 12’s in my trunk with a competition amp and Bose stereo system  🙂 (my sisters is way better!) Shoutout to the elusive Darik.


I love Southern African American culture. Baggy, not sagging, clothes.  The beat of their energy gives me life.  This beautiful culture brings the meaning of family to a whole new level.  They invite their crackhead uncle and prostitute cousin to Thanksgiving because they are family and they give to family.  They are dedicated to one another by blood.  Hell, they will consider you family and when that happens, you experience love without judgment.  The only one you need to observe is momma.  She is the matriarch and the one who created the bond that is that energy field.  Respect her.  You don’t have a choice anyway. 

Fun fact Candace means Ethiopian Queen.  Enough said.