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Oh, No She Didn’t…but Yes, She Did!!

Bringing awareness can feel like a losing battle but one courageous model used the platforms of all platforms to share her opinion on a fashion tycoons runway wear.


Some legit shit!

I’ve not ever mentioned my love of fashion here on Revenge of Eve simply because it isn’t life like it used to be. Starting from an early age, runway shows have a tendency to mesmerize me. It is the extreme, outlandish fashion flaunted on the catwalk and the illusion it gives that leaves me wanting more from fashion moguls across the world. Competition is fierce as designers attempt to outshine, shock, and impress the world with one-of-a-kind designs that will never see sight of a department store rack.

Catwalk after catwalk, designers push the boundaries, using the runway as their canvass. Some boldly share their opinion about political issues while others declare non bias toward worldly epidemics. Models are paid to enhance the designers artwork by simply being beautiful and skinny, let’s not forget, too skinny. In the world of fashion and design the scene is interpreted as chaotic, neurotic, and before you know it; over. It isn’t typical behavior for models to express their personal opinions about a designers message yet one brave model has.

Fashion & Fame reports the latest fashion show stopper as, ” Ayesha Tan-Jones, a model who was cast in the show, opted to peacefully protest while in front of the cameras. Before stepping out, the model wrote “Mental health is not fashion” on the palms of their hands using black ink, sending a powerful message to both the world and one of the most prestigious fashion houses out there.” Tan-Jones walked the catwalk all the way to the bank but not before sharing her message in protest of Gucci’s straightjacket ensemble.

fashion model silently protests Gucci's straightjacket ensemble
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

She further took to Instagram with the following message,

model shares protest message on Instagram
Image snipped from Instagram

I don’t think her response could’ve been any more direct and appropriate. A subtle yet effective way to #dodifferent all the while in support of those who suffer with the drudgery that is mental health stigmata. As for Gucci’s response to the models act of rebellion, his creative director had this to say, the collection wasn’t meant to be disrespectful, but was actually, “about humanity and uniforms. A uniform is something that blocks and constrains you-that makes you anonymous. That makes you follow the direction of travel.” And according to Gucci himself, straightjackets “are the highest type of uniform.”.

As someone who struggles daily, living with co-occurring disorders, yet someone who respects fashion designers statement pieces, I must say I am with the model on this one. While Gucci’s vision was directed toward the culture acceptance, almost implied, of normal, the models bravery to use the platform of all platforms in support of mental health awareness is hands down the most support the mental health community has received in the media. The medias misrepresentation of sufferers has impacted those diagnosed with mental illness for far too long. The stigma attached shadows individuals adding to the weight of an already misunderstood invisible illness.

Its time we #shatterthestigma and band together. Like I said y’all, a #mentalmovement is on the rise and I can’t thank you enough for being a brave #fellowfighter and for owning your story by sharing your experience with others. Some times it is the silence that speaks the loudest in a media-lit, money driven, chaotic environment. All you have to do is take a stance.

Proper props to: InStyle and Instagram. Getty Images too.