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His embrace molds her silhouette

The intricate curvature of her body is met

Before he explore her body

Jigsaw piece by piece

He tease her senses with light strokes of touch

Tempting her erogenous zone

His touch alone

Feels like home

His whisper chill to the bone

As he tighten his grip

Biting her lip she arches

Piecing into his shadow

Embodiment of one

A soul’s union



Show and Tell

A peek of some of my favorite things!

Expanding R.O.E.’s Vision

All too often I am critical of myself. I understand many of us to share this restricting, less than desirable quality but during my transformation, I decided no more! Perfect I am not, not to mention the awareness it takes to break an old pattern. Anywho. This pesky pattern resurfaced in all its glory.


Thanks for asking.

I’ll tell you how.


About a year following R.O.E.’s debut 😂, I declared her an unconventional lifestyle blog. I did so for two reasons: 1. To discuss mental health openly 2. To offer me a wide net to cast as far as discussion topics go.

Wait a sec, maybe 3 reasons why

3. To be different.

Well, once again I found myself steering away from topics I enjoy. I for one LOVE jewelry. More specifically, accessories. So instead of shying away from a topic because it is common, I’m gonna share with y’all how I accessorize!

1. Rings

Considering my personal preferences, my style is defined as simple and delicate. I like solid but thin bands, however, I wear one thicker band. I don’t like gaudy and flashy stones. I never take my jewelry off so the quality has to be top quality. My rings must withstand banging, clicking, and misshapen. All of my bands form to the wear of my hands. What was once perfect circles are now bent and more of an oval shape. I wear a mix of gold, white gold, and silver. Throw a few mini diamonds and ceramic in and you have the material of my five-ring collection.

If including my toe ring, I have a six-ring collection. I wear it on my right index toe. It is a double white gold, thin band. I never remove it either. I shower, work, play, and sleep in my jewelry. I wear one necklace my daughter got me for Christmas last year. It’s a Kendra Scott mother of pearl stone.

My hands

2. Purses

I am fairly particular when choosing a purse. I prefer two small handles over a strap. The opposite was true until about 3 years ago. The one purse to sway my prerogative was a runway purse I snagged about three years ago. It is a muted purple and black bowling ball-style purse with gold hardware. I still own it today and it hails as my all-time favorite, ever!

My current purse

Typically, I choose a purse with lots of pockets. The purse I carry now doesn’t offer many pockets. In fact, it only has one but because the purse is small for my liking, the one suffices. The colors are earth tones of cream and pink. Girl Other (my sister) donated it to me when I was living with her. It’s a Louis Vuitton label, medium size with two handles. It has a fancy inscription on the bottom of it of the maker’s name.

3. Sunglasses

I wear prescription glasses but I also collect sunglasses. Right now my collection is low and a bit more on the older side than I prefer but pst… I can’t complain.

4. Analog System

If you’ve been around for any length of time you know I am obsessed in love with stationery. Like. In. Love!! Since that is the case, I have a separate bag I tote my analog stack in. I am working now on 2022’s stack (the term for a paper lovers collection) but 2021’s stack will be hard to compete with.

I carry a mini Louis Vuitton backpack, again courtesy of Girl Other, with a Russell & Hazell vegan leather daily planner, a faux leather journal boasting Tomoe River paper from Galen Leather Co., and my Prima Marketing Inc. standard size, black leather, travelers journal. 😍 just typing all of those things left me starry-eyed!! 😆

I 🖤 Black!!!

Already 2022’s lineup is black and gold so it’s a possible competitor to this year!!


There ya have it! A few of my favorite accessories. I suppose this post will fit the lifestyle category of my unconventional lifestyle blog!

I am curious, do you enjoy these types of posts? Do you share more personal types of posts or do you keep your personal life separate from your blog? Or are you like me and share a mix? What are your favorite accessories?

Let’s chat in the comments!