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A Benchmark: 1,000 Followers

Thank You to All Who have Joined my Journey

I must admit, I wasn’t sure this day would happen. There have been times I was close to 1,000 and then followers dropped. I never sought out why. I just assumed bots played a role so I wished them farewell. July marks five years for R.O.E. and I would be lying if I didn’t disclose inept feelings of failure as far as growing a following are concerned. However, the gratitude I have for the intimate, engaged community that follows my journey far outweighs the insidious low self-esteem that occasionally creeps in.

Thank you to all 1,008 of you who follow!

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Crouch over

Shelter me

as the sky to the moon

Mimic the curves of my body

as a spoon

Worship my body

like a Sun God

at noon

Wrap me

in a cocoon

Brace yourself

for ecstasy’s bloom


Passion resides here

Release me from fear

Shed not another tear

Hold me, dear



Not suffering

No loneliness to convey

Nothing to display

Only I

Here today

Party of one

Without shame




I say

No limitations

No compromise

No injustice

No surprise

Just me by my side

Conversations, plenty



When it’s over I say

It’s done




I am one


What does it mean to you?

Blogging Is Much More Than I Had Originally Thought

Sometimes it takes someone else to acknowledge things before I do so myself. Like blogging for example. I’ve never sat back and thought about what blogging means to me. Or what it means to have a blog. There are a handful of bloggers that began punching a keyboard four years ago alongside me that I remain in the loop with. Each of their blogs is more successful than my own. I say that with a sense of pride and inspiration. While communicating with Ashley from Mental Health@Home, I realized the integral role blogging plays in my recovery. So I went ahead and made a nifty list!

Blogging for me means this:

1. I have a support system.

2. I have a safe space to share my vulnerabilities.

3. Others are on a similar life journey and are compassionate of mine.

4. I am not alone.

5. Others do care.

Yes, a simple itemized list of 5 sums up the feels I get from having a blog. Anyone who is human can attest these are critical to have and not to recovery alone; in life.

This blog is witness to transformation.

This blog is a testimony of life.

My life.

This blog reminds me to breathe.

This blog mirrors tears, hopes, dreams, and fears.

This blog embraces mistakes.

It encourages.

This blog is a display of endurance and strength.

This blog is the result of what I receive as a blogger on WordPress.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Just by being yourself, you have a deep impact on someone else’s life.