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Monday Morning Mantra

Good morning ladies & gents.

Monday Morning Mantra

Each Monday I shuffle and draw two cards from two sources, a box set and a deck. The box set boasts encouragement, self-love, goals and focus while the deck affirms our individual power. I then use the two cards to guide me throughout the week. I place the cards on my refrigerator as a visual reference and I write them daily in my journal as written reference. If I find myself experiencing unwanted emotions or challenging thoughts I refer to the cards drawn. I have found this to be an empowering and powerful exercise. One that I decided to share with my readers.

Week of March 21-March 28

I hope this Monday finds y’all well. This week’s encouragement reminds us the importance of breath work. If you find yourself frustrated, confused, or angry, find your center again by taking deep breaths. For so long I thought just breathe meant others dealt with things better than me when really breathing assist in regulating emotions. Give it a try!!

Just breathe graphic
Box set by Dayna Lee

When an unwanted emotion arises, take a full 60 seconds to yourself. During this minute take slow breaths in and exhale. I find placing my hand over my heart helps me focus on the breath. By the end of the 60 seconds I can tell a significant difference in my heart rate and the way I feel. The important part of this breathing exercise is to allow the emotion but encourage it to pass. Do not focus on how you feel rather the breath itself. You may find it difficult to stop your thoughts but do not allow yourself to ruminate. This exercise works for everyone and it is simple enough to give a try. Once you experience it’s power, you will find yourself harnessing power through breath work.

Best part about the affirmation that was drawn today is it encourages awareness which is what breathing brings about. Embracing your power through breathing exercises is empowering. Learning to do so takes practice not perfection. A friendly reminder that it is I (insert you) who is in control.

I celebrate my progress. Awareness, not perfection, is the goal graphic
Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein


A young lady, Anastasia, reached out to me via email. She is raising money to escape Russia with her family. She asked if I could place an ad on my website to promote her fundraising. I do not offer ad placement at this time so I included her link in todays post to gain some exposure. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to donate myself. I encourage any of you reading this to decide if this is a cause you can contribute to. Thank you for your considerations.

Do you practice mediation breathing? Do affirmations help guide you? Comment below if you find these weekly cards helpful. I love hearing from you ☺️


About Love

On love.

On Love

I do not claim to be an expert on love but I have learned a thing or two.

Love is an action.

It requires acceptance.

Love guides.

Gentle, firm when necessary.

Love withstands.

It encourages.

And sometimes demands.

Love is an offering.

It comes and it goes.

But it also remains.

It’s a strength portrayed as a weakness.

Love does not shame.

Love is the egos nemesis.

Love conquers every damn time.

It doesn’t compete.

With love, you are complete.

Love endures pain.

It is present.

Not often the same.

Driving some insane.

Love is kind.

Sometimes blind.

Love leads with the heart.

Choose today to start; love.

Because Why Wait?

Because the support is amazing!!

Waste Not, Want Not

I am either in or I am out, on or off, black or white … you get the picture.

By the time my previous post published, I went through with my plan upgrade purchase, set up a new contact email, and began tweaking my site. I have a tendency to procrastinate but I refuse to let more time lapse. Refuse! do you hear me!?! Lol. I feel confident in my premium plan choice, although it requires I relearn the bells and whistles. Redundant but because technology advances rapidly, my self-taught knowledge is a bit rusty. No biggie. I do not sweat the time involved gaining knowledge. The bright side of the once grey cloud is the mailing list for theGarden. It is still intact!! Yay! The crowd goes wild.

For those of you not subscribed, please do. I promise not to flood your inbox with spam or nonsense. In fact, I have yet to publish a newsletter for a consecutive period of time,however, I do look toward dropping a line at least once a month. I can get overzealous with my plans to follow through on tasks. This go-round I am going to remain mindful and make a point to not overcommit. I am a work in progress, folks!

Design Decisions

I am sticking with my same color palette of black and white with a touch of red but I made the bold decision to remove most images from my blog. Gasp! It’s blog blasphemy to not entertain the eye.!! Well … I will use self-made graphics throughout my posts and limit the images to gallery widgets. With the theme I have chose, I am braving unchartered territory and doing as I have always desired and going minimal. I made the move to black and white images some time ago but I find not everything looks presentable in black and white photography especially not artwork. My yearning for a clean, crisp design went out the window when I read the importance of imagery but I am at the point where I realize those are merely suggestions and not blog law. As far as displaying artwork (journals too) for sale, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. One challenge at a time.

I am going to learn from my mistakes and not get overly ambitious with my efforts. Last time, my views and engagement skyrocketed, I made the mistake of integrating the idea of art sales. The commitment of such sent me in a tailspin. An aspect of my plan purchase offers the ability to make sales but that is not my immediate focus. I hope to slowly introduce my art as it may.

No forcing.

No hurried attempts to make an income.

I am just going to sit back and let the horse follow the carriage, if ya know what I mean.

Before going any further I want to personally say thank you to those of you who have stuck by my side despite any failed attempts, set backs, and start overs.

Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms and warm hearts. I have to give the credit to y’all for my willingness to return. If it wasn’t for the compassion, understanding, and encouraging words, I fear embarrassment would hold me back. Y’all are the real M.V.P.’s. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!! One more won’t hurt … THANK YOU!!

To any newcomers to the blogosphere or to R.O.E., a word to the wise; let the community love you and empower you. An enthusiastic welcome from me to you and an open invitation to connect any time. Coming soon I will offer a contact page but until then, feel free to chat it up in the comments. No question to too silly and no conversation is too long. I follow no rules when it comes to my comment section so feel free to express any concerns. All I request is respect for one another. Oh and one more thing … subscribe!! Tee-hee. Okay, I lied. One last thing. Everyone please be patient as I fumble around with the block editor. It’s a learning curve for reals.

Here I Go …


A little over a month or so ago, I experienced another psychosis episode, making it my third. Leading up to it was extreme paranoia perhaps the onset. Ironically, during this time my phone, my car, and my laptop were hacked. Perfect timing, right.? Of course I appear delusional because of the psychosis state yet I truly was hacked.


I won’t go into details or share my suspicions but I have made the adult decision to secure my privacy with a security kit for my laptop and my phone.

OK. OK. I’ll give a few details. I began by taking my “case” to the local authorities. I filed a report and spoke with a detective. Before handing over my devices to them I remembered that my dad has connections with the FBI. Yikes!! But it pays to know people. I contacted him.

~Funny how things work. With access to my microphone most of the problematic activity began to decrease. ~

Disgruntled and hypersensitive, I took matters into my own hands despite the inconvenience. I disconnected my cellular service. Immediately my car troubles were eliminated with the exception of one more time of needing to be jumped off. Shew. That was a BIG deal. Much relief came from regaining control of my vehicle as you can imagine. Next, I handed over my computer to my sister’s coworkers husband who is a tech geek 🤓. He removed the mysterious default user with ease.

After a short month long stint without technology, I reactivated my phone with a new number, got my laptop back, and all I have left to do is install my security-related software. It could have cost me a lot of money but all I sacrificed is my Revenge of Eve email address and thousands of photos on my Google account, a phone number (my 20th-ish in 20 years and this will be my last), months of sanity, and judgement from a few folks who have no clue. Not bad considering I was about to sell my car, trade in my new Note 10, and scrap my laptop. Not bad at all.


Now that all appears stable, I have made the decision to begin blogging again. It brings me joy. I love interacting with fellow bloggers. The support I receive is top notch. All of which are wins if you ask me.

I know I am going to shake some things up and possibly change the name but that will be a decision that takes time. I love the name of my blog but I have lost the proper domain due to mass confusion on WordPress’ end. Blah. I’ve had plenty time to sulk over it. I haven’t even checked to see what it’d cost me, however, I do own another domain. 🤔🤫🤭

Now that my senses aren’t hyper, I can think. I feel safe to express myself, and I look forward to, once again, re-creating my blog. I plan to reformat, upgrade my plan, and start a new series while keeping a few that are already in place. All of this will take time but one thing is for sure … it will keep me entertained with a cherry of pride on top. And that’s what I am in need of; feeling proud of myself.

Mini Update

Oh yeah! Speaking of …

I have a job too and I love it! I should’ve started it when I initially signed up two years ago. I deliver for Door Dash. It is a food and retail delivery service where you make a changing rate per delivery. Customers also tip and the company offers bonuses if you deliver during promo peak hours. Those hours change daily and have the potential to really increase the pay per delivery if you are able to take advantage of the time slot. I have a few times and will continue to do so.

If you are interested in more info, let me know in the comments and we can chat. Do not contact me using my old email because it is no longer. I can email you from my new personal address until I get another set up for the blog! I can refer you and receive a bonus which would be wicked cool too!! It’s a great gig for someone who likes to be their own boss, has children, likes to work odd hours, short or long shifts … it’s an all around amazing deal, for me personally that is. Lol.

Okay. That’s it for my fresh beginning. Sorry if I disappointed 😂 but things will get better from here. And I may have to begin a whole new email list – ugh – fingers crossed I can transfer the subscribers I have now but if not I BEG y’all to consider subscribing. Okay, done for reals.

Revenge of Eve signature


Letter143 is a series of letters written to myself, my loved ones and anyone else who wants to read ’em!

Pain. It’s relative.

Individuals with individual tolerances

For some, childhood emotional pain prevents them from conquering what it means to adult

And others exhaust personal pain with to-do lists, appointments, work

Add a dose of us who live daily with mental illness

And…what we, isss… (yes, Gun n Rose’s lyric)


Yet in my world,

I am at peace

Speaking in terms of today,

Of course