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Whoomp Whoop

Let’s try this again!!

I don’t speak of love eloquently.

I deleted my I’m baccck post because… well, it sucked! It lacked personality and hinted only slightly to the love I have discovered or rather unearthed.

My apologies for publishing such a garbage post. I was inspired yet without words.

Yay!! Hooray!!! This is me πŸ€“

About love, oh yeah! I’ve found the love I was needing to receive. That love only comes from within, intensifying any additional love given freely. I have undergone a radical transformation. Yes, I am still human bearing mistakes and suffering embarrassment. No one gets away unscathed.

Throughout my life story, I see decisions made that didn’t have my best interest at heart. Decisions made by me. Those days expand across a 42-year long self-loathing war and those days are gone!!

The title whoomp whoop

Good ridden to the days I question my worth. Goodbye to the hours anxious in fear. And most importantly, toot-a-loo morbidity. Today I consider myself free. Free from the opinion of others. Free to live a modest life. Free to be me.

I forgive myself for what I did or didn’t do when I was a child. I accept that I am prone to elevated mood swings and they do not define me. I am gentle with myself and the areas that need improving. I am open to receive!! I am happy to report a recent second anniversary, my boyfriend Nate and I. I touched on that briefly in my barf post, published last week 🀒

I will bring this update/remix to a close. Stay tuned for a future post describing my first-hand experience of going tech-free. It’s a doozy!

My sincerest apologies to those of you who said hello on the deleted post. Wanna do the most? Say β€˜ello again and let’s toast!!

Cheers to mistakes, opportunities, and vulnerable hearts!!


About Me: the Weird Stuff (this will be fun)

I was recently given kudos for the contents of this post by a new follower, shout-out Rochdalestu, so I figured while I am updating it, I may as well repost it for any other new followers of R.O.E.. If any of you are curious about the blogger behind the scenes, this is a personal as it gets!! Enjoy.

I am going to spice things up around here and share a few annoying, weird…simply Candace traits that make me…well, Candace πŸ™‚ graphic
It’s me!
Stay Tuned for the next episode: According to Others! …oh, no…wait a minute!! I quit giving a fuck about what others think of me a long time ago πŸ™‚ Carry on.


1. Before I can even begin to complete an idea, I am on to the next episode of it (Perfect example above). And apparently, life plays like a movie reel in my mind. CUT?! If I remember my dreams they usually end with To Be Continued… just like some television shows used to do.

Dog Dialogue

2. At home, we have four small dogs. A toy Maltese, J baby, a terrier, Ruger, a pom, Remi, and last but not least, Tater, our pound pup. It sounds like a lot but all of them together equal two dogs so it’s not so bad. The best part, none of them shed. Oh, yeah…dog dialogue. I spend a lot of time at home and it’s usually just me and the dogs – chill’n. The majority of my life I have created voices for our animals and boy do these four have a lot to say!! It has become a running joke that the dogs and I are Paw Patrol. We give out citations for my sister’s all-nighters, leaving me with her two fur babies and their kennels – we call jail. πŸ˜‚ I know, I know…what a life but if you can’t entertain yourself, no one can.

Coffee Calls

3. Roughly two years ago, I picked up drinking coffee. I have two cups in the morning and two in the evening, around 4 pm. I have always enjoyed the flavor of the warm, sugary goodness but my preference leaned more toward ice coffee. I wasn’t an everyday drinker by any means. Well, one day I decided, what the hell, what’s one more addiction?!? I had a cup of hot coffee and haven’t looked back. It is likely I quit drinking it on the daily though because I do not want to stain my pearly whites.

Nobody puts Candace in the Closet

4. I am severely claustrophobic. No small spaces!! I cannot do small spaces. I prefer rooms with more than one exit. I am so claustrophobic that it is the source of much of my anxiety. A few examples being…if I share a bed with someone, I cannot sleep facing toward them. It feels like they steal my breath. When I sleep, I have to fold the corner of my pillow under so it doesn’t swallow my face and suffocate me. If someone stands to close to me in line at the store, I have to step to the side of the line. My heart races and I feel as though I am being pushed with nowhere to go. And don’t you dare think pinning me down for a game of tickle is ever a good idea. In such a case, you are likely to lose a limb. And my fave, do not call me rude because I do not want to hug. Please. I understand that is some people’s way of exhibiting their admiration for you but it makes me extremely uncomfortable because again, face to face breathing, chests touching and I don’t even really know who you are…no. Just please, no. A handshake or dap works for me or if you are ancient, a high five will do.


5. Resting bitch face is real. When I feel anxious, which is the majority of the time, I hold my breath. I am sure this contributes to the claustrophobia but nonetheless, I hold my breath. This leaves me no little time to worry about how my face looks (typing that was weird). I am also a mouth breather and in order for me not to walk around, mouth agape, I must focus on the in through your nose, out through your mouth breathing technique or else I’ll turn blue (really, not really). I’ve had the habit of holding my breath my whole life. Growing up I often held my breath to get what I wanted. If Ma said no, I would hold my breath until I got it. That is until one day our neighbor came over and popped my mouth which made me gasp for air. She saw that my mother was struggling with me and my breath-holding tactic and decided she could take no more. She popped my mouth and just like that, I was forced to breathe. My Ma said I gave that woman go to hell look each time I saw her after that and never spoke to her again. I was three, y’all. Three.


6. It’s true, I sniff most everything. For some odd reason, I have to smell almost everything. But the tragic thing about being a mouth breather is if it is a bad smell, I taste it before I smell it – ewe is right. I guess I use my sniffer as a memory tool. I will smell the oddest of things but my favorites are magazine pages, freshly sharpened wood pencils, laundry detergent, lemon, and bleach. I like the smell of markers but since I picked up coffee, I decided I’d leave the markers alone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Candace. Not Candy.

7. Candy is sweet. I am not. Yes, I can be a sweet, caring person but my name is not Candy. Nothing is worse than introducing yourself just to have the person rename you. I get it, some people shorten their name and go by a nickname. Cute. But if I introduce myself as Candace, I want to be called Candace, damn it. Not Candy.

Always Right

8. If I speak about a topic it’s because I know about it. The saying she’s always right applies to me when I speak – hear me out – I only speak if I can add value to the conversation. No, I am not perfect or a know-it-all but I was born with an underline intelligence as my gift. That sounds cocky but it is something I’ve always been told. It isn’t in every subject, only those that interest me and I use my intelligence to correct others when they are wrong. Not to humiliate them rather inform them. That isn’t to say that I haven’t crushed a few egos with my witchy charismatic intelligence but it’s not always my intentions. If I decide I want to learn about a subject, I can read a little about it and somehow unfold the rest of the information on my own. That to me is common sense. As far as “common sense” goes, I have none. None. I do not get jokes, I do not entertain small talk or gossip, and if I were stuck in a brown paper bag, that’s where you’ll find me the next morning!! Don’t argue with me either because I will argue with a wall.

Tall. Not Big.

9. There is a difference. As a woman, the last adjective I want to be used to describe me is big. I’m almost positive this minuscule aggravation was picked up from hearing my Ma say, she’s tall, not big, my whole life, however, tis is true. I am tall, 5 foot 10 inches to be exact. I am not big. My build is considered a medium build with broad shoulders, big boobs and from the belly button down, I am small. Ya know, like a triangle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My ankles and feet are so small that guys in high school used to ask me how your lil bitty feet hold ya body up Candace? Hahaha. If they had paid a lick of attention, they’d seen this size 7 doesn’t do so well πŸ™ as I am prone to tipping over while standing still.

Contradicting Candace

10. Love/hate, angry/optimistic, excited/anxious, and too many others to mention. I have a love/hate relationship with about everything in life. I love people for what they don’t love about themselves. Often times this leads to them embracing said trait yet I hate strongly dislike how others feel as though it’s necessary to point out my shortcomings. I know where I lack. Believe me, I know. I am an empathetic person who doesn’t sympathize with anyone. People do not surprise nor impress me. I do not trust a single soul. No, not one. Not even myself. But if I trust you enough to allow you in my life, I have a tendency to overshare which has resulted in ammunition for when we fell out. Doesn’t bother me though because I am an open book. Some things sting but most, I don’t give too much time to. If I ask your opinion, I want an honest answer. If I don’t ask your opinion, I don’t want it. It’s as simple as that. Depending on the day, you could be told about yourself for sharing your unsolicited opinion or we could have an in-depth convo about it. Ya never know with me. They say this is common in the personality type I’ve tested to be, an INTJ. If you click on that link you’ll discover that I am of the rarest personality type there is. Oh, it’s just wonderful being me. Ugh!!!! My personality type represents only 4% of the population which can only mean one thing…I will be misunderstood for the rest of my life😣 Yay. Fuck’n yay.

And as promised…my rbf graphic
RBF. It’s real!

It’s always been said that if you want my honest opinion, tell me or ask me when we are together because my face will tell all. I speak with my eyes and if I don’t look at you, I don’t entertain your type. Some say snobby, I say selective. And you know what I said about when I speak πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ (reference #8)

For Kicks

(and because I don’t do even numbers)

11. Chatty Candace. I can always be heard “talking to myself”. I call it thinking out loud but I do indeed speak aloud while I am the only one in the room. Doing so helps me walk through steps, focus, and I just do. My MommyGee would have legit conversations with herself. I can picture her now standing in her huge walk-in closet justa chatt’n it up and she’d be the only one in there…well, except for me hanging upside down from her velvet mauve/pink chaise lounge asking her who she is talk’n too. πŸ™‚ I love you Mable and miss you dearly.

How ’bout you? Do you have eleven interesting things that you can share about your weirdness with us??? Come on now! The cool kids are do’n it.

Hey, but really if you do, backlink and invite others.

I tag Ashley from Mental Health @ Home. And, duh.. a huge shout out to Ash for being amazing!! She sets the stage by example. No bullshit. It is what it is and I think she may represent that #lowlife too πŸ™‚ You make me proud Ashley.

P.S. I am not turning R.O.E. into a gallery of selfies. I promise. #noworries

Flash Back

For the following weeks to come you can expect to see outdated information in your feed.

Nostalgia Bug

For the first time ever, I am revisiting old published posts. From time to time I go through and weed out posts that are no longer relevant. I am also known to wipe my blog clean of all of it’s content. I made a choice to not do that with this revamp. A few reasons contribute to my decision. One being that there are a few in depth, educational articles that I am proud of. Another is my series Letters143. Those serve as online diary entries that I enjoy looking back on.

I want to do the revamp right. Starting from the bottom up. I am going through 123 previously published posts and removing EVERY link. The annoying reason I am having to do this is because I no longer own the domain, however, I now own You guessed it. Every link is linked to other published posts throughout the blog but all under the address of my former domain. Blah. Blah. Blah. I am in no rush to complete this task. I am hoping to edit up to five posts a day.

I began the quest today and have reached my five for the day. I got bit by the nostalgia bug. I am giving myself permission to republish a post or two each day I edit. This is your warning, lol.

For the following weeks to come you can expect to see outdated information in your feed. Revenge of Eve is flashing back to 2019 and working her way up to 2021. I repeat. R.O.E. is throwing it back to 2019. Do not be alarmed by out of date material. Thank you for your cooperation. We invite you to enjoy the rewind.

Here I Go …


A little over a month or so ago, I experienced another psychosis episode, making it my third. Leading up to it was extreme paranoia perhaps the onset. Ironically, during this time my phone, my car, and my laptop were hacked. Perfect timing, right.? Of course I appear delusional because of the psychosis state yet I truly was hacked.


I won’t go into details or share my suspicions but I have made the adult decision to secure my privacy with a security kit for my laptop and my phone.

OK. OK. I’ll give a few details. I began by taking my “case” to the local authorities. I filed a report and spoke with a detective. Before handing over my devices to them I remembered that my dad has connections with the FBI. Yikes!! But it pays to know people. I contacted him.

~Funny how things work. With access to my microphone most of the problematic activity began to decrease. ~

Disgruntled and hypersensitive, I took matters into my own hands despite the inconvenience. I disconnected my cellular service. Immediately my car troubles were eliminated with the exception of one more time of needing to be jumped off. Shew. That was a BIG deal. Much relief came from regaining control of my vehicle as you can imagine. Next, I handed over my computer to my sister’s coworkers husband who is a tech geek πŸ€“. He removed the mysterious default user with ease.

After a short month long stint without technology, I reactivated my phone with a new number, got my laptop back, and all I have left to do is install my security-related software. It could have cost me a lot of money but all I sacrificed is my Revenge of Eve email address and thousands of photos on my Google account, a phone number (my 20th-ish in 20 years and this will be my last), months of sanity, and judgement from a few folks who have no clue. Not bad considering I was about to sell my car, trade in my new Note 10, and scrap my laptop. Not bad at all.


Now that all appears stable, I have made the decision to begin blogging again. It brings me joy. I love interacting with fellow bloggers. The support I receive is top notch. All of which are wins if you ask me.

I know I am going to shake some things up and possibly change the name but that will be a decision that takes time. I love the name of my blog but I have lost the proper domain due to mass confusion on WordPress’ end. Blah. I’ve had plenty time to sulk over it. I haven’t even checked to see what it’d cost me, however, I do own another domain. πŸ€”πŸ€«πŸ€­

Now that my senses aren’t hyper, I can think. I feel safe to express myself, and I look forward to, once again, re-creating my blog. I plan to reformat, upgrade my plan, and start a new series while keeping a few that are already in place. All of this will take time but one thing is for sure … it will keep me entertained with a cherry of pride on top. And that’s what I am in need of; feeling proud of myself.

Mini Update

Oh yeah! Speaking of …

I have a job too and I love it! I should’ve started it when I initially signed up two years ago. I deliver for Door Dash. It is a food and retail delivery service where you make a changing rate per delivery. Customers also tip and the company offers bonuses if you deliver during promo peak hours. Those hours change daily and have the potential to really increase the pay per delivery if you are able to take advantage of the time slot. I have a few times and will continue to do so.

If you are interested in more info, let me know in the comments and we can chat. Do not contact me using my old email because it is no longer. I can email you from my new personal address until I get another set up for the blog! I can refer you and receive a bonus which would be wicked cool too!! It’s a great gig for someone who likes to be their own boss, has children, likes to work odd hours, short or long shifts … it’s an all around amazing deal, for me personally that is. Lol.

Okay. That’s it for my fresh beginning. Sorry if I disappointed πŸ˜‚ but things will get better from here. And I may have to begin a whole new email list – ugh – fingers crossed I can transfer the subscribers I have now but if not I BEG y’all to consider subscribing. Okay, done for reals.


Revenge of Eve signature

Me, Mentally: An Artwork Series

Me, Mentally is an artwork series sharing creations made by yours truly!

OCD, again

Hey, Hi, Hooooo!! Whaddup, y’all?

In an attempt to overcome my fear of inadequacy, I have begun Me, Mentally, an art series that describes parts of my illnesses that I may be learning to accept, come to terms with, cope…explore.

If you know what’s going on around here, lmk πŸ˜‰!!

Me, Mentally artwork series
Me, Mentally


When I sat down to create this piece I gave myself permission to use red in a way that accentuates a female.When I create or brainstorm creative ideas, they are generally fashionista inspired. I am an undercover fashion designer but I have settled for a trend setter…meh. It is no secret, Revenge of Eve is the mastermind of an empowered, lost woman.

Personal insight: growing up we were raised to believe that when a woman wears red it connotates that she is a whore. No, shit. I am for real and guess who’s favorite color is red?? One guess. Yup, mine.

We were not allowed to wear red nail polish. Red lipstick…pst get outta here with that, although, I got away with it wearing performance make up for dance (and painted my toenails πŸ˜‚ I’ve always been a rebel)!

When I enrolled in my second year of college, I wrote a paper on how color is used to represent certain types of people, further supporting my father’s conformity. Color misrepresentation is more common than some realize and for some reason, my quirky brain picked up on this…and obsesses over it.

Me, Mentally artwork series
Me, Mentally

Red and blue are two colors I would never pair. I don’t know if it is because it’s patriotic or what but the colors are not two that I particularly care for. So I did it. I pushed past – what may sound ridiculous – barriers. And guess what?!?!? I LOVE IT!

Me, Mentally artwork series
Me, Mentally

The backdrop is a vintage photo casing. Back in my day…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you would order family photos through a photographer who used hideous carpet and wallpaper to enhance the experience…and charged an arm and leg for the service. This is an 8×10 cover that adorned your order, framing a photo. I will soon add papers to it and make it a notebook/scrapbook/junk journal.

Pushing through fears

It may sound ridiculous to some of you – the wiring of my brain – believe me, I question it too. But when I create, I don’t. I just do and if I am honest, it comes together into something I’ve grown fond of; my style. **I hope to soon have my first series of journals for sale. There will be 12 available. The series is a complete set with the 13th journal in which I will keep. It has been in the process of being made over the course of six months. I cannot wait to present them to you all ready for shipping πŸ™‚

Oh, one more thang…

I’ve hinted toward the possibility of me having a secret and today I am excited to share that, I, have a boyfriend!! πŸ™‚ It’s been scary but he has made the most of helping me through this transition period from single to in a relationship status. I don’t social media as many of you may know so I figured I could drop a few more personal bombs to keep my voice as human as possible.


Me, Mentally artwork series
Me and my Boyfriend 😍

What does this mean?

The one idea that keeps me drawn to Nate is his persistence that I create. He supports my healing and encourages communication. Yeah, I said that. He is kinda big deal and I haven’t been the easiest – I’m sure that surprises many of you πŸ˜‰ but…I am learning some extremely ugly truths about myself but I am accepting them for what they are. Having survived a psychologically abusive home, a physically abusive and substance-abusing environment throughout my adulthood, I decided to cut my losses with the attachments I held with these toxic cycles.

My resistance is weakening and my mental capacity is expanding. It is expanding for growth, for wellness, and for non-biased opinions. Cheers to letting my freak flag fly!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no, but seriously, I am learning to fit into someone else life whereas it’s been the opposite experience for me. He has cleared out drawer space, a whole room for my creating space, closet and cabinet space…his home; to accommodate me and my presence. Yes, I am in the process of moving into his home. Eek!!Signature

Not that it is necessary but I will calm any fears any of you may be screaming. We have been together for almost three months. No, not extremely long but I have battled the decision to take this leap and live with him and I decided it is a must for him, me, and us as a couple.

A Life Update:

Curious about what’s been going on?

Life Goes On

Hey, hayyyy y’all! Whaddup? Welp..a lot here. A lot of bullshit I’m weeding! But as they say: Life=Lessons…that is if you are bold enough to pay attention. I’m realizing not too many people are. But… Enough about them, let’s talk about me πŸ™‚

What I See

I have started to accept my reality a little more each day. From that I see, the things I try to fix in others are things I need to fix within me. Because I invest my precious time in those who don’t get a fuck about me and my bad on me. But what people fail to understand is that I can’t change those parts of me. I refuse to stop wanting to nurture and speak freely about deserving to be loved as each of us are. But yet it seem so hard for others to just allow me to be.

They judge and shame and claim I am insane. The thing is, I am honest about my shortcomings and in me, they see their truth so of course, they don’t like the reflection they see. I have reached the point to where I am moving on toward really accepting the shadow side of me because that’s all I see myself surrounded by and so a reflection of what lies beneath.

Embracing Me

I’ve decided I will no longer cater to be what others need me to be. Instead, I am changing my position in life. I quit my job two weeks ago Sunday. Yesterday, I was hired at a bar and what I can appreciate is that the owner has our backs. It’s a busy establishment and has a long withstanding in our local community. They are so successful in fact they have three different locations.

I have a book order that has required a lot of time and I am amazed how involved the customer is. It has been a wonderful two weeks not having to be surrounded by people who create drama to make themselves relevant in your life. My anxiety has reduced significantly and I am on to greener pastures.

Things are shifting in my life and I choose to focus on the good rather the negative. I am not claiming all days to be roses and fireflies but these last two weeks I’ve noticed a change in myself. I am doing my best to take life moment by moment and to focus on the things that matter most. I am learning what it means to put myself first and make my mental stability my only priority. In therapy, we now have somewhat of an outline of how to approach me and how I process things. This week we began targeting my trauma. I have homework to complete for us to review next week and having a guide helps me to condense all of the overwhelming events that can clog my mental space if I allow them too.

A bright future

I’m not one to claim success before it’s time but I decided to start giving it a try. Without any strict deadlines or due dates, my monthly goals consist of paying my bills on time and paying off debt. There is more to the story but it wouldn’t be like me to spill the beans all at once. Now that I am moving beyond the opinions of others, you may be shocked at the other area of interest in my life but I’m not ready for the opinions of others as far as that is concerned and so with me, it remains.

I must admit, I have missed connecting with y’all but stepping away from the internet has freed up time for me to do other things. If you have followed Revenge of Eve for any length of time you know I am OCD and although I work hard not to become consumed, it is not me who is in control. Blogging, learning about blogging, and learning to create journals became an obsession for a period of time and as the story goes, things that we obsess over can quickly take an unhealthy turn. My minds capacity for absorbing knowledge was at its max and my need for interaction crossed paths at the perfect time. I more or less let go and picked up and kept moving without significant dread toward my decision to step away. Y’all stay a constant in my heart and your words of encouragement stay at the forefront of my mind. I haven’t a clue when I will return but undoubtedly, I shall return. Who knows, I may let you in on my little secret!! Stay tunedπŸ™‚

Candace Lynne- Revenge of Eve

Authors Who Made Me Smile and the Kindness Challenge…

Read all about it!! I’m chat’n kindness and kids! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Title Pun

There is an unspoken excitement when you await the arrival of something you have ordered online. It is almost like receiving a gift or a welcome in your mailbox. Multiply that times 100 when receiving mail by surprise!!! The days of receiving anything other than a bill in the mail have dramatically decreased with adulthood.

When I was a wee lad (Irish immigrant family), my “mommygee” mailed, us kids, each week, a Bible verse and if we could recite it at the end of the week, she would put money aside. I won’t claim to have a secret money account hidden but I distinctively recall how it felt to have something addressed to me. I felt so special. I can see her handwritingπŸ™‚

Combine nostalgia and my love of all things stationery and the result is a childlike squeal. Imagine my pitch when I received not one but TWO total surprise gifts from two kind hearted, generous, and thoughtful women. And they just so happen to be bloggers in the Word Press communityπŸ™‚!!!

Candice from This Made Me Smile and Meg Kimball, her official author site, Advice Avengers. *see title* πŸ™‚ I was taken back at the thought of them thinking of me. Meg won Day Two of Two Days of Giveaway last month and she added to my collection of blogger books. She has written a series of books and when she gave me the option to choose one, I left it up to her to decide. Seeing as I shipped the goodies on August 15, I didn’t expect to receive her book before then but…I did!!

Candice’s snail mail was a complete and total surprise. Awhile back I sent out postcards to a few inspirational bloggers with whom I’ve chatted with the outside of the blogosphere. I believe in total six bloggers received collaged goodness. One of the recipients was Candice.

Long ago, she had written a post about little libraries and how special they are to communities, in which I agree, and immediately I thought of how awesome it would be to receive a book from a Canadian free library. And so I said so in a comment to her. A book arrived sometime later and as a thank you, she was included in my list of postcard snail mail. Well, she upped the ante and shocked me with the cutest little origami journal!! Out of the blue and what a smile, it brought to my face.

I don’t know about you but when I get some new stationery, I thumb through the pages, feel the texture of the paper, look for defects, and try to decide which aspect of life I will use it for. Well, while doing so to the new addition, I found a handwritten piece of encouragement that said,

Those who wish to sing always find a song.

It is so special to me to have a quote handwritten by someone I’ve not had the opportunity to meet in person but admire from across the country. This adds the most special, personal touch; making it that much more cherishable.

The note Candice included with her sweet snail mail has already made its way into my journal.

Full Circle

You may have seen that Cyranny’s Cove is hosting a kindness challenge, all of which was prompted by her receiving a set of my art postcards (she too was one of the six). I had no idea my snail mail would have such an impact but because Cyranny enjoyed the uplifting message found on one of the postcards, she was inspired to spread the message of kindness through challenging her followers to participate once a month in mailing messages of kindness to others. You can find more detail at The Cove. Please do join us on the first of every month to see what the challenge for the month is.

This month was to find the address of an old friend we have not spoken to in some time and mail them a hello. Well, those in my past are there for a reason and without trying to ruminate on who would be the most surprised, I decided to add a twist to the challenge (of course I did).

My idea began with my niece and nephew and quickly multiplied to a total of seven lucky children. The oldest is my daughter’s stepsister who is nine and the youngest is 20 months old (actually Kid is the oldest and she will receive a letter at her dad’s so that she can participate with her stepsister and half brother).

In the photos I covered the cutest little mascot because I haven’t yet introduced her to y’all…she will be the face of my handmade journal shop…and she is the one hosting this particular idea of spreading kindness to kids. It will remain a secret that it is me.

I typed a cute message that explained what the kindness challenge is and on a second page, I included a list of objects for them to include in their artwork that will be returned to “her” each month. The idea came to me to add a prompt list to help give the kids and the parents helping, somewhat of a guide. In the challenge description, I mentioned spreading kindness by sending multiple mailed messages. I am also including a postcard with an image for coloring in hopes that will be sent to someone of their choice.

Coming Soon

Earlier in the week I sent out theGarden, my monthly newsletter that hasn’t been sent out in months. You may have noticed or maybe not but I haven’t been as active. The reason for this is because I am processing a lot of damage done to me as well as damage I’ve caused. Perhaps this is why I have been stuck for a few years because doing this shit is necessary.

In the newsletter, I mentioned an upcoming format change for R.O.E. It is my plan to start writing more posts that target my curiosities about mental health and life in general. These posts will require research and take more time than my average posts. The other aspect I would like to incorporate is an inspirational, creative aspect. Kinda of a gallery of sorts of my creative endeavors with hopes of video tutorials in the future.

I have not lost interest in blogging but as far as sharing my personal daily bits, you can subscribe to receive the newsletter if that what interests you. I am going to move away from sharing specific details although my informative posts will share personal snippets of my story.

Sooooo, basically, SUBSCRIBE SILLY πŸ™‚